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Do you want more traffic and leads? Web design and build beautiful websites that will grow your business.

89% of customers begin their buying journey with a search engine, which means that your website is the customers first impression of your business. The first thing you want your customers to see is a well developed, authentic and professional website, built with the latest technologies by a professional web design, web development and digital marketing agency that will advertise your company like no other.

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"47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less."

Jordan Pritchard

In the age of social media and 3 second attention spans, a well designed, developed and fast loading website is the secret to grabbing attention. We have developed tools to compress and optimise our sites and we routinely achieve speeds on Google PageSpeed that our competition dreams of.

Grabbing the user’s attention is the first hurdle, the second is keeping it. We use recognized and dependable digital marketing strategies and create a responsive design that works beautifully on all screen sizes, with a clear focus on user interaction, site accessability and usability whilst crafting a user experience that delights.

Web Design & Development

We design gorgeous websites that customers will instantly recognise and associate with your brand, which builds your customers trust in your products and services. Mobile phones have changed the way we communicate both offline and online. With more than 50% of web traffic now coming from phones, it’s crucial that your website is mobile friendly.

Your website is not just a pretty face. Under the hood, they are built with the latest technologies to get your business in front of customers. We use structured data to make our sites more search engine friendly, by getting our clients results on new channels with little competition, such as voice search on Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

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We create e-commerce websites that engage and delight your customers. With a keen focus on maximising conversions, we start by analysing the Buyers Journey and designing it from their initial awareness to the final conversion on your site and beyond.

The Buyers Journey starts with the buyer’s initial interest in the product or service. This can come from an initial pain/problem point or the buyers initial search for solutions.

No matter how far our buyer is in the awareness stage, the strategy is the same. We create a buyer profile, and build a funnel for that profile. We have a wide range of tactics to build these funnels with advertising platforms like Adwords, Google Shop, Facebook Shop or marketing techniques like influencer marketing, social media and SEO.

Once the buyer is on our site, we build a user journey for that buyer thoughout the site. We look at the user experience of category pages and make sure there is a clear categorisation and filtering of products. Our aim is to make it easy for customers to get a complete view of the products they are considering for comparison.

We take great care in our Information architecture and hierarchy throughout the site, but most importantly on the product page. We use large professional images to quickly sell the product or service, making sure the most sought after information is clear and stands out i.e. product, USP, reviews and price.

This is all about giving customers no reason to say no. What are the customers concerns before closing the deal? Close those concerns and we will close the deal.

We can consider common concerns and how to best answer them but we still have a problem unique to the e-commerce world. We don’t know specifically what the customers concerns are, and we must answer them within the customers limited attention span. This is the secret to a conversion.

The key here is Information Architecture. We layout the site and the information in a hierarchy that matches the user’s buyer journey. We then follow up with analytics, heatmaps and recordings of real-world use and continuously improve based on this feedback.

We build trust with the user throughout the journey, by building fast, professional sites that are secure with SSL and PCI compliance. We give them clear information on deliveries, returns and support, and make this information accessible to the user to reassure them that they are safe in their decision with us.

A highly converting site is nice and all, but are you still leaving money on the table?

With a good foundation to grow on, we have thousands of tactics to improve conversions such as; remarketing to customers who abandon their cart, recommending products based on browsing history and upselling products that the customer might miss at the checkout.

We build growth loops into the user journey to stop the business from hitting a plateau. We encourage customers to review and share your site on social media or directly through word of mouth to create more business and build more trust in your brand. We set up incentives that encourage the customers to keep coming back, to give you repeat custom so that your business starts to snowball.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

98% of people searching for your business won’t go past the first page of Google. If you are not there, you won’t be found. We have helped many clients develop winning strategies to grow site traffic and improve their ranking on search engine results pages. Our winning strategies are based on facts, figures and hard work, not marketing guru fluff.

Our approach to Search Engine Marketing:


1. Research & Planning

We start gathering information on your website, analytics, user heatmaps, performance statistics and research your competitors and target market.

The details we collect help us to find technical and usability issues on your site, that kill user attention and frustrates customers.

Based on our research and your current SERP rank, we create clear achievable goals and a full search engine marketing plan to achieve them.

2. Growth

With a solid plan in place, we start correcting any on site issues detected during our research.

Our plan details our three main tactics to grow your site:

  • We build funnels that pull in traffic from Google, Social, Voice Search and Email.
  • A content strategy that will grow your website with quality content that your customers will love.
  • We design growth loops that encourage repeat customers through customer reviews and retargeting.

3. Review

As the search continues to evolve, we regularly review and evolve our plan with it. You will get a full report comparing your site to the competition and the results of our work. We regularly review our work, by looking for ways to optimise your sites content and landing pages to make them more engaging and relevant to end users.

We repeat these steps by gathering information to inform our strategy, then implement the strategy to grow your site traffic, and finally review our strategy to keep us progressing towards your end goal.

Why should you invest in your website?

Increased brand visibility

Increased brand visibility

Gain stronger competitive edge

Gain stronger competitive edge

Increased lead generation and sales

Increased lead generation and sales

Trackable & measurable results

Increased brand authority

Increased brand awareness

Better connections with consumers

Increased brand awareness

Reach new target markets

Why should you choose Walker?

Our web team specialise in crafting user experiences that delight. We want to help grow your business by providing a website that will engage with new and existing customers, creating a place where information is accessible, clear and concise, whilst delivering a top-notch design that corresponds with your brand.
At Walker, we will enable you to establish credibility for your business and built trust with your customers.

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