If you are not branding your business you are in danger of becoming irrelevant. More and more businesses are realising the need to brand themselves consistently and with purpose. Every encounter with a customer begins with your brand. The style, tone, colour palette and consistency signals your ambition and position in the market.

As society is bombarded with content, the modern consumer has become adept at filtering the wheat from the chaff, in other words cutting out the crap! Time is the currency in short supply and anything that can help quickly disseminate your message, gives you an advantage. Your brand is the most effective way of conveying who you are and what you stand for.

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Brand Guidelines at Walker Communications


"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand."

Paul Rand

Our Process

Our process is to evaluate your brand by immersing ourselves in your industry to understand the competition, but most importantly your target audience, the people you want to serve.



The need for designing brand identity may be required due to corporate or commercial change. Companies are always evolving and it’s natural that your existing identity may no longer be fit for purpose.



Once we establish a brand strategy, we get to work on designing and refining a brand to steer your business to future success. Scamps are shown at an initial stage to make sure the development is on the right path and to bring everyone onboard with the design thinking. Then refined digital brands are worked up and shown in context. This helps to give a clear picture of how your brand will look ‘in the wild’.



Once agreed, a set of brand guidelines are developed. The creation of a brand guidelines document is essential in maintaining brand consistency. It sets out clear rules regarding the use of the brand, to help users understand and communicate your values.

Why should you Invest in your Brand?

People do business with companies they know, like and trust

People do business with companies they know, like and trust

Increased brand awareness

Increased brand awareness

Clear communication to clients

Clear communication to clients

Clear direction to employees

Clear direction to employees

Clarifies your position within the market

Clarifies your position within the market

Clarifies your position within the market

Tells your story

Brand FAQ's

It is your reputation. Branding is the most effective way of letting your customer know who you are and what they can expect from you.

Think of brands that you know, do any of their names tell you what they do? Google, Apple, Amazon.

You want your name to be memorable and unique in your industry. You want people to search for you not a generalised term that will get lost in the waste land of page 2.

But focus on the right things because the best brand name in the world can not make a poor product or service succeed.

Yes you can and we wish you the very best of luck, there are plenty of options to suit everyones vision, expectation and budget. It always worth considering the creative and marketing value not the price.

Why should you choose Walker?

So you are considering using an agency as it could help with the overwhelming choice in todays marketing. You’ve tried to manage this in house or with a number of suppliers but underestimated the resource of time and talent that is required. We can help you with that.

Already a nationally recognised web design and digital marketing agency here on the island of ireland endorsed by multiple high end clients such as galgorm, ulster bank and omniplex that depend on our professionalism and can do attitude. We specialse in a range of diverse areas such as: Social Media and Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development, Content Management Systems Training, Branding, Advertising, Influencer Engagement, Media Buying, Print Buying, Event Organising and Marketing.

We pride ourselves in our ability to bring customer satisfaction tby providing extraordinary digital products whilst creating genuine and memorable experiences to each and every one of our clients.

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