We were asked to help design and build the website for NCPS based on optimising the user experience. The key tasks were identified and we designed and built a responsive website to make the user journey as pleasing and effortless as possible. An effective mobile experience was essential and the simplified navigation helped to ensure this was achieved. Ongoing SEO monitoring helps to keep the site to the fore.

A corporate video was produced, shot and edited to help tell the story of various NCPS departments. A style of filming was used to keep the user engaged and help sales staff showcase the company. The fast cuts and soundtrack helped to progress the story. Colour choice and brand
presence throughout helped to reinforced the core NCPS message.

The NCPS brand is most visible on their fleet of vehicles constantly on the road. We determined to show a progressive brand reflected on the van livery. This echoes the sentiment that NCPS helps to keep traffic moving.

NCPS brand collateral has been used to great effect. Proposals and sales literature have all benefited from a consistent approach adhering to brand guidelines.