Left quote Walker has been instrumental in creating a vibrant, strong and recognisable brand for Honey Truffle. This has been combined with creative marketing concepts.

Our relationship with Walker has always involved open conversation, agility and innovative ideas.

As a small business Honey Truffle would unreservedly recommend Walkers Communications to any SME... a wise investment for any company. Right quote

Eimer Rainsford, Owner, Honey Truffle Kitchen

At the initial discussion in the building site, it became apparent where to position the brand in this very competitive market. Every menu choice, piece of furniture and light switch was chosen with style and consideration.

This brand needed to reflect the owner’s vision and ambition.

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The Logomark design process

The name had been chosen and an URL secured from the outset. We presented style boards reflecting the target audience and to gauge which design range resonated. Once a direction was agreed, we got to work on the mark. Through research and sketching, the idea of a monogram emerged and was developed. It became very appealing to explore further as it carried all the hallmarks of quality and style, which was exactly the brand qualities we were looking to project. Fonts and weights were optioned to get the balance of refined style and modern cool. The brand would have to work on everything from signage to business cards.

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The challenge of the Coffee Cup

We put heavy emphasis on the takeaway coffee cup design. Coffee cups are intimate brand touchpoints and the right design can be a signal of consumer choice. Various designs were presented before settling on the chosen style.

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Colour me perfect

We kept a distinctive and limited colour palette. A rich red on deep cool blue/grey was chosen after experimenting with various shades and combinations. This ‘flash’ of red would become the brand eye magnet, but the main emphasis was to be on the food. The brand role was to support not dominate. No matter how pretty your logo is, it doesn’t make for a good lunch!

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Web site development

A visually stylish and simple site was developed to showcase the delicious food. Location, opening hours and menus are the fundamental information for customers and Google! But it is important to show the atmosphere and culture to add the ‘flavour’. Reviews are vital for a business and particularly in hospitality. Positive reviews greatly help search engine optimisation (SEO) and encouraging customer feedback is an important lever to help drive a local business.