Be Fearless
Be Enthusiastic

We work closely with Michèle Nugent the Assistant Principal at VCB who is the champion of the new identity and has a clear vision for the school striving to showcase the school in all its glory as the best all rounded school that is right for your child irrespective of the career path they may choose. Everyone at VCB is a vital part of the school and each will have a different journey, whatever you want to be, Be YOU at VCB.

Initially we were involved in the prospectus and signage projects around the school but this has evolved into assisting with all external marketing communications for VCB. From the creative look and feel within this case study you will see how the style has progressed and adapted over the years.

In the beginning we designed a full robust prospectus concentrating on the achievements of the school, talking about all the subjects in great detail and boasting how great VCB is. We know it’s a great school but we wanted to change the tact to be more relevant and to make the primary school student or their parents the focus and talk more about what it means when your daughter becomes a pupil at VCB.

Michèle Nugent Assistant Principal at VCB said

Working with Walkers has been a joy and a really inclusive experience whereby the project team have fully immersed themselves in our vision and bringing the Be You at VCB campaign to life, I am extremely happy with our journey together

This year we used videos of year 8 students that are easily identifiable for primary school students and you can see in the video within this case study the pupils where talking about what they would like to be when they grow up. The underlying theme of this campaign is that whatever you would like to be, Victoria College Belfast is the right school to take you forward to your vocation. 

The Education market is competitive especially in a city environment and in a single sex school. We will continue to work with Michèle and the team at Victoria challenging the status quo and putting their best foot forward.

What did/do you want to be when you grow up?