The Strategy

To continue a strong presence within a competitive industry, we worked closely with Premier Parking to create a digital first strategy to ensure that they are at the forefront of potential customers. When creating a digital strategy, it is important to ensure the following:

Website Optimisation

To ensure that your website is fully optimised in terms of correct information, easy to use, simple user journey, optimised for both mobile & desktop and also that the site is aesthetically pleasing. Always remember that your website is another store front for your business, so it is important to not only have the correct information on it, but also to make it easy to use, engaging and look great!

SEO Optimisation

Analyse, evaluate and research the websites SEO to ensure that the important and relevant keywords for your business are appearing on your website. This will help in terms of ranking on Google search terms, so that your business is seen more by people who are searching for these keywords.

Digital Campaign

Once their website was fully optimised, we were ready to launch the digital campaign. We decided to use Google Seach advertising for their digital campaign, to harness on the intent of users who were searching for the services that they offer on Google.

By conducting keyword research and mirroring this with their website, we implemented a strong Google Search campaign that has continued to grow over the months and secured strong results. Check out the results below:

Walkers have provided Premier Parking with gold standard services for over 10 years. We would have no hesitation in recommending the team in Walkers they are always on hand to assist or offer their advise with any needs or queries we have. 

─   Michelle Donegan
Premier Parking
Premier Parking

The Results

Over the past 6 months...

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Overall, a strong Google Search advertising campaign is a fantastic way of getting your business in front of customers who are actively searching for services that you offer. Google search advertising allows you to create campaigns that can be amended at any stage while analysing and evaluating performance through instant and measurable results.