Pre-opening campaign...

The pre-opening campaign launched in December 2021. For the pre- opening campaign, the areas of Northern Ireland & Ireland were specifically targeted through location, demographic and interest targeting to ensure that we were capturing the right customers who would be intent on purchasing tickets and experiencing this world class attraction.

By capturing key photo and video visuals of the set designs, props, costumes and more was vital to showcasing the true essence of what customers will experience at the tour, while also not giving too much away.

Game of Thrones Laptop

Launch campaign...

A digital first strategy was key to building brand awareness of the brand- new Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Banbridge. As it only opened on 4th February 2022, a digital campaign was ideal to promote this attraction to a wide audience and by having complete control over campaigns, through optimisation and by gaining measurable and key results on performance instantly. In February 2022, our Digital Account Director was present at the opening day and implemented a Facebook live video of the grand opening, as well as capturing key customer experience moments, Game of Thrones actors and actresses and more, through photography and video. The video visuals that were captured on the day were created into a TikTok video that was promoted on TikTok advertising through reach and traffic campaigns.

Objectives of the Campaign...

• To build brand awareness of Game of Thrones Studio Tour in Northern Ireland & Ireland

• To promote the tour as a world class attraction

• To generate an increase in their Facebook & Instagram following

• To generate ticket and gift voucher sales.

The Facebook likes and Instagram followers grew immensely, with 10.8k Facebook likes and 11.5k Instagram followers by March 2022, which strongly assisted in the overall brand awareness. The Google search campaigns performed extremely strong, with the average CTR across the February 2022 campaigns being greatly higher than the industry average at: 36.87%.

What an experience...

Working as an integral part of the Game of Thrones Studio Tour marketing team on the promotion of the world class attraction and cohesively ensuring that all brand guidelines were met, has been an exciting digital journey. A digital first strategy was key to meet the objectives of the campaign and to continue the success and momentum for this exciting Northern Ireland tourism attraction in the future.