In February 2021,

We were delighted to start our wonderful partnership by working with Blossom Avenue as an extension to their already successful marketing team. Managing the content plan, advertising and implementation of social media, the curation and optimisation of Google AdWords campaigns and also reporting and analysis on these digital marketing platforms, has required creativity, innovation and analytical skills to curate a social media strategy that will not only engage users, but also convert them.

By creating content plans that delight through Blossom Avenue kitchen imagery, blog posts, engaging posts and more, we have grown the Blossom Avenue brand successfully through showcasing their brand on social media and promoting this to a key target audience.

Since working with the fantastic team at Blossom Avenue since February 2021, we have:

Increased Facebook likes

from February 2021 - present by: 113%

Increased their Instagram following

from February 2021 - present by: 19%

Increased their Facebook & Instagram impressions

from February 2021 - present by: Over 5,500%

Increased their Facebook & Instagram reach

from February 2021 - present by: Over 7,500%

I’ve been working with Walkers for the last couple of years on brand building activities for our Kitchen Kit brand and on developing our Blossom Avenue brand on our digital channels for our retailer network.  David, Demi and the team have been fantastic coming up with creative ideas, building content and delivering results.  It’s a pleasure to work with such a hard-working dedicated team, who love what they do and bring great energy to our work as a marketing team.

─   Nuala Brady

Watching the Blossom Avenue brand flourish and blossom over the past year has been incredible to be a part of and we look forward to continuing this in to 2022 and beyond. Check out the beautiful Blossom Avenue kitchens below: