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Campaign Work

We have led a variety of campaigns over the last 8 years for Ulster Bank from concept through to media planning and execution. Below is some of the work we developed with the Business Banking team for the Boost campaign. This campaign was delivered throughout Northern Ireland and launched at the MAC as a TEDx style event that we designed and produced all assets.

Brochure Ware

As a financial institution Ulster Bank has an abundance of brochure material and it is important that the bank is transparent in all matters. We work with the bank to ensure that all content is designed and laid out in a format that is easy for the end user. We use tables, infographics, bullets and icons to ensure that we are delivering details in bite size chunks. Also as with all financial information the banks internal compliance team check the accuracy of all details.

Brand Application

As brand guardian we are very conscientious and precise in how the brand is applied across all formats and how this resonates with the customer. Below highlights some of the work that we have undertaken with the bank branding up the ‘Bank on the Wheels’, the Emergency Cash message and the internal branding and dressing of 10 Ulster Branches in ROI and branding of the Easycash Network.

Corporate Responsibility

Ulster Bank have a CSR strategy and have internal business community partners. Some of the events that we have worked on with Dublin and Belfast includes the 'One week in June' annual fundraising efforts supporting local charities. In all the messaging it is important that the brand is consistent, visual and considered.

Ulster Bank
Ulster Bank