The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland are a leading postgraduate medical training college who are dedicated to the education and training of doctors. RCPI offer a wide range of training programmes for doctors from all across the world.
This is where our digital marketing expertise has assisted RCPI.

After working closely with RCPI for over 7 years, we were delighted when they approached us for assistance with their digital marketing campaign. The objectives were simple. To obtain brand awareness, generate leads and increase applications from Malaysia and the Gulf countries.

The Strategy:

So, where do you even begin on curating an international digital marketing campaign? Our digital marketing team curated a tailored approach and strategy by:

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Creating customers personas:

Who are we targeting? What are their interests etc?

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Choosing optimum digital marketing platforms:

Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords

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Calculating a budget:

Strategically creating a budget that will obtain the best results

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Setting objectives and targets:

1. Brand awareness 2. Increase leads
3. Position RCPI as a leading college in their field 4. Generate applications

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Strategic thinking:

Curating a digital marketing strategy that would create positive results for RCPI

Facebook & Instagram:

On Facebook and Instagram, we designed eye catching and on brand social visuals that would capture and engage their target audience. Using real life photos of doctors who had already been through the courses, assisted in resonating an emotional connection with the target audience, which in turn created leads and applications.

Google Search Ads:

Through thorough research of keywords and search terms that their key market were searching for, we were able to harness on the intent of the user to create awareness, drive consideration and generate conversions.

The Results:

In their recent campaign to target doctors in Malaysia and the Gulf countries to sign up to the International Clinical Fellowship Programme, we were delighted to achieve key, positive and impactful results. Check some of them out below:

Rcpi 4

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