Name Generation

Naming the development was an important first step and we started our research with a site visit, which was essential for our core working team to really understand the location, and create a name and brand that would be underpinned with local insight and knowledge from the area. Our core team donned our wellies and headed off to visit the brownfield site followed by a walking tour of the town, then down onto the beach, up as far at the Moat, back along to the iconic lighthouse, then ending with a stroll across the commons which took us back to harbour and a recap over lunch in Pier 36. This allowed us to share our thoughts on the site and the lifestyle on offer while it was fresh in our minds.

What struck everyone (especially in relation to some competitor sites nearby) was the element of secrecy/privacy provided to this development by a row of tall trees around the outside of the site. As we approached the site, a throw away comment about the site being difficult to see due to the trees inspired a lightbulb moment, being that the trees blocking the site from the road was actually a real selling point. Further research would tell us that local people would frequently reference these ‘High Trees’ as a focal point when giving directions for a turn off. As is often the case, visiting the site provided a moment of inspiration and the High Trees name for the development was born.


The logo grew from the name with the H and T merging and we then brought through the foliage from trees to provide a sense of nature and greenery, which are important features for the developer. We knew from interviewing the client that greenery would be important to the site, as it was to be more than concrete on the edge of a town and green space would be essential. This character was carried through to the naming of individual house types with each named after an indigenous tree type.

More than just a house

The house was important, and it was essential to reference the build quality of the homes along with the materials and craft that would make a Strand Home a quality home. Equally important though would be delivering the balance of the build quality along with the lifestyle on offer, and we had to ensure that all marketing material would contain both messages. Who better to tell the story of Donaghadee than local people...?

We made several trips to Donaghadee building a bank of images to be used across marketing materials. We also conducted interviews with local residents and business owners who were able to offer their views on what makes Donaghadee a great place to live. They shared their views on living in a small seaside village, the warm welcome, walks on the beach, sporting opportunities, the pace of life, ease of commute and the feeling of returning from a busy day in work and feeling like you were on holiday.

We told the story in a series of videos with cut down versions for social media. We created brochures with a continued focus on balancing the essential information on the houses with lifestyle shots, which introduced an element of warmth and reality that allowed the viewer to imagine themselves in that position and aspire to be a High Trees homeowner.

Throughout the process we kept the client involved, as the houses will be built over an eight year period and will take a significant time investment on their part, it was important that they felt a sense of ownership and pride in the High Trees brand.

We were asked to create a name and a logo for a new development. What did Walker deliver? A brand, and more importantly, a brand story that people want to be part off.