We held initial meetings, chemistry sessions and completed further research to understood the culture, core values of Cayan. We discovered that Cayan place a large importance in happiness in the workplace, which formed the backbone of our campaign. Cayan operate a product named ‘Genius’. We aimed to include this in the creative and used two straplines to reinforce this.

'No Ego, Just Genius'

Cayan are not a company of egos and hierarchy’s. Genius refers to the product, but also implies that working at Cayan is reserved for the best of Northern Ireland.

'Work with Genius every day'

This strapline compliments the first but with a more direct call to action. Genius is both the product and how Cayan see their collective team’s talents.

Outdoor Advertising for Cayan - Billboard/48 Sheet in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Outdoor Advertising for Cayan - Billboard/48 Sheet in Belfast, Northern Ireland

We designed the creative for outdoor advertising as well as digital creative for Adshel Live and screens at various target locations in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We reinforced the message of the campaign by using Online Advertising and Radio Advertising.

Jobs at Cayan are very specialised. We targeted relevant specialists in software engineering by adding a bespoke piece of code on the creative that would resonate with the principal target audience.

The campaign went live in of April 2018 and looks great! The creative has stand out appeal, with some subtle creative for our technical audience.

Out of Home Advertising for Cayan - 6 Sheet/Bus Shelter in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Digital Advertising for Cayan - Adshel Live in Belfast, Northern Ireland