Vauxhall Motors Limited

Winning the account to drive the Vauxhall brand forward in Northern Ireland

We were very pleased to be awarded the opportunity to work with global advertising agency McCann to handle the creative work for Vauxhall Motors in Northern Ireland.

A large part of our brief is to advise on the complexities of being a British brand in the Northern Ireland market, adapting centrally created assets to the local audience across press, OOH and digital formats.

Walker Communications will work to build on our already strong connection with the Northern Ireland audience, unleashing the full potential of the Vauxhall Brand, and increasing our market share to where it deserves to be
Patrick Fourniol, Marketing Director, Vauxhall Motors

Adapting the well known British war slogan of the Grandland X ‘Keeps calm. Carries on’ to ‘Keeps calm. Craics on’ gives a nod to the original UK creative while adapting it to a less inflammatory slogan that the local audience will understand and enjoy.

It was also necessary for us to adapt the UK creative for the Vivaro van, ‘For the red, white and blue van man’ to the more politically neutral ‘This van can,’ to highlight the assets of the van without offending the local population.

Working hand in hand with our partners at McCann, we will steer the Vauxhall Brand to ensure we resonate with customers across Northern Ireland.  We are delighted to be appointed and excited to get working on this iconic Brand and its exciting portfolio of up-coming launch activity.
Peter Walker, Managing Director, Walker Communications

We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Vauxhall and McCann in 2019 and beyond.