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Here’s my take on why face-to-face meetings are definitely not a thing of the past - Eamonn Connolly

Eamonn Connolly
Why face-to-face
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I don’t know about you, but I don’t have enough fingers and thumbs (and toes) to count the number of times I’ve partaken in virtual meetings when meeting technology has failed, frustrations rise, meetings are re-arranged, and generally the air is taken out of the ‘virtual room’ and the stimulus for business drops and progress slows.

Undoubtedly, holding a Zoom or Teams meeting has its place, but in my opinion, you can’t beat meeting face-to-face with your clients and colleagues to conduct business.

Here’s my take on why face-to-face meetings are definitely not a thing of the past.

The emergence of digital technologies, particularly since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, has changed the way we communicate daily, affecting not just our personal relationships but also how we communicate when we’re doing business. With the array of digital tools, such as emails and virtual conferencing, one would think that face-to- r required? Is that right? On the contrary, it can be argued, in-person meetings have become more important than ever.

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You are twice as likely to convert prospects into customers with an in-person meeting. The likelihood of getting a “yes” increases, because it is so much easier to say “no” in an email or on a phone call.

- Michael Massari.

Senior Vice President of National Meetings and
Events at Caesars Entertainment

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While you can form some form of relationship with people over the likes of Zoom, it doesn’t have the same impact as if you were to go and meet them in person. I’m not saying that you can’t have effective business conversations through digital means, or win new business, but I firmly believe that the opportunity for increasing my conversions will grow if I’m in front of my client in a room.

Understandably, customers and colleagues want to feel important to you, so if you plan an in-person meeting, you’re showing that you want to put the effort in. You also feel more connected to them compared to if you are hosting a video call with them – seeing the “whites of their eyes” is often cited by the, shall we say more ‘experienced’ businessperson. There are more opportunities to read facial cues, make eye contact, and show others that they are being listened to. As one of my old mentors said to me, it’s as important to listen to what’s not being said in a meeting, as to what is, and being face-to-face will allow you to pick up on these nuances more effectively than over a zoom call.

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Non-person oriented discussion Dealing with acquaintances Long travel time/journey Short discussion expected Information-exchange

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Person oriented discussion Dealing with strangers Short travel time/journey Longer discussion expected Negotiation-exchange

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So, what are the key benefits of having a face-to-face meeting?

Read body Language

Face to face meetings allow you to read body language and non-verbal communication. This makes communication effective and avoids misunderstandings.


Face to face meetings help you to build trust and develop strong, lasting business relationships. When you meet face to face it is easier to make connections and find common ground.


Face to face meetings are often more focused and productive. There are fewer distractions and it is easier to encourage engagement.


Face to face meetings don’t have as many technical difficulties as online meetings. This allows the meeting to flow and improves communication.


Face to face meetings are better for collaboration, creativity and sharing ideas.

In 2022, many firms still prefer face-to-face meetings because they allow for more effective communication and nurturing of robust relationships and participation by all involved. On the other hand, many cite the convenience- factor of virtual meetings, meaning that you can sit in the comfort of your office and conduct business, without having to worry about the expense or time to travel. Technology certainly has its benefits, however being able to hold a meeting without experiencing camera or audio difficulties, wi-fi issues or other technical challenges can save time.

All relationships are built on emotional connections, which is more achievable when you are in the same physical space. Not to mention, a face-to-face meeting has a higher chance of becoming memorable for the rest of the business relationship.

When you need to address a sensitive issue, meeting in person can help you explain the problem clearly, without any misinterpretation or things being mis-heard over the internet.

Face-to-face meetings can increase engagement and participation by encouraging customers and colleagues to be fully present, in the moment. When participants can see each other in person during a meeting, they are probably more likely to contribute to the conversation. Whichever method you choose, whatever one is right for your customer or colleague, it’s important to weigh up the options available to achieve the desired outcome.

We at Walker will meet you virtually or in-person, whichever you prefer, and whatever method is the most effective for getting the results you need. Ultimately, for us, it is about building trust with you that we can deliver on your needs consistently, whether that need be, brand, design, digital or advertising.

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