Personal vs Business Brand

So, what is the difference between personal brand and business brand? Personal Brand: This is where you build upon your personal identity by identifying...

Personal Brand Vs Business Brand

Demi Wright
Demi Wright
Digital Account Manager
Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Why do we look after our personal brand so well, however overlook our business brand?

Who you are as a person, what you look like, your morals, ethics, views and so much more are viewed and assessed by individuals who will then decide whether they want to be your friend, work with you and more. So, if we care so much about our personal brand, it is important to ensure that your business brand is not overlooked or forgotten about. You’re not going to leave the house and go to work without putting your make up on or dressing to impress, so in this retrospect, you need to ensure that your business brand is always looking its best.

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business"

Steven Forbes

So, what is the difference between personal brand and business brand?

Personal Brand: This is where you build upon your personal identity by identifying who you are as a person through your name, appearance, personal experiences and more.

Business Brand: This is where you create an identity for your business which is separate from your personal brand. This identity is identified through your business name, the culture, the vision and more.

Now that we know the difference between personal and business brand, let’s discuss why focusing on your business brand is so important.

The importance of getting your brand right for your company is key to a successful and prosperous business.


• Creates trust within your market

• Helps to distinguish you from competitors

• Creates expectations and understanding of your business

• It helps create focus and understanding of the product with your staff

• Helps you to connect emotionally with your customers

• It will assist in growing and generating business

• Has immediate confidence, identity, standing and professionalism

"The way a company brands itself is everything - it will ultimately decide weather a business survives"

Sir Richard Branson

So, how can you get your branding right? It’s simple. By following these steps...

Get a strong logo created: Meet with a designer and discuss who you are as a brand and work together to interpret this into a strong brand logo. Some cracking examples on The Apprentice!

Create a voice for your company: Create a tone of voice that works cohesively with your brand and the messaging so that they are a good fit.

Create brand guidelines: Once you have established who you are as a brand, your logo and any other design elements, it is time to create brand guidelines so that your brand is strong and consistent.

Roll out your brand across all marketing channels: Continue to live your brand across all communications with your vision and customer being your primary focus.

Define who you are as a brand: Ask yourself the following questions:

People do business with companies they know, like and trust

What is the name of your business?

Increased brand awareness

What is your company vision?

Clear communication to clients

What are the benefits, features, USP’s of your product?

Clear direction to employees

What qualities do you want your customers to resonate with your brand?

Clarifies your position within the market

Does this resonate with our customers/staff/stakeholders?

Clarifies your position within the market

Does your brand portray your story?

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room"

Jeff Bezos